fluff fləf/ noun noun: fluff; plural noun: fluffs 1. soft fibers from fabrics such as wool or cotton that accumulate in small light clumps. "he brushed his sleeve to remove the fluff" synonyms: fuzz, lint, dust, dustballs, dust bunnies "fluff on her sleeve" any soft downy substance, especially the fur or feathers of a young mammal or bird. 2. entertainment or writing perceived as trivial or superficial. "the movie is a piece of typical Hollywood fluff" 3. informal a mistake made in speaking or playing music, or by an actor in delivering lines. synonyms: mistake, error, slip, misstep, flub; More wrong note, slip-up; slip of the tongue, eggcorn; formallapsus linguae "he only made a few fluffs" verb verb: fluff; 3rd person present: fluffs; past tense: fluffed; past participle: fluffed; gerund or present participle: fluffing 1. make (something) appear fuller and softer, typically by shaking or brushing it. "I fluffed up the pillows" 2. informal fail to perform or accomplish (something) successfully or well (used especially in a sporting or acting context). "the extra fluffed his only line" synonyms: fumble, make a mess of, bungle, miss, deliver badly, muddle up, forget; More informalmess up, make a hash of, botch, foul up, screw up, flub, goof up "he fluffed an easy shot" antonyms: succeed in

This is the supposed definition of fluff, but another term of fluff is when you headcanon, draw, or anything about your OTP that's cute, not profane, not suggestive, cute, and innocent.